Want To Streamline Your HR Process by Using ChatGPT? 

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My Journey

Upon the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, I was thrilled by the prospect of revolutionising HR processes and strategies. Being an early adopter, I grasped its transformative potential. Today, I'm empowering others to transform by:

  • Training: Conduct workshops to familiarize HR professionals with ChatGPT’s features. Provide hands-on learning for practical implementation in HR Tasks. 
  • Customised Solutions: Guide HR peers in tailoring ChatGPT for specific organisational needs. Showcase diverse applications, from recruitment to employee engagement.
  • Monitoring Progress: Mentor HR teams, ensuring continuous learning and adaptation. Track outcomes, refine strategies, and share success stories for inspiration.

"I help HR Professionals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals by using the power of ChatGPT."

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About Ameeth B.

I'm a seasoned HR professional with over 15+ years of experience. I rely on ChatGPT as my secret weapon for efficient HR management. From handling employee data to resolving disputes, ChatGPT is my trusted assistant. Outside work, I enjoy adventures and witty conversations. I offer a blend of humor, tech-savviness, and expertise to revolutionise HR processes.

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